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There’s more to energy saving than new bulbs.


Coming from an extensive background in Real Estate Ownership, Management, and Construction, we offer energy-saving proposals from the perspective of an Owner/Manager. While other companies will simply provide wattage-reducing bulbs/fixtures, we take a holistic perspective to save you money while giving your building a face-lift. We make sure your fixtures are uniform, aesthetically pleasing, and the right application (wattage, lumen output, color, etc.) for where it is being placed – all while taking into account the wattage reduction, cost, and ROI to meet your needs. 

The second layer of expertise we provide is an in-depth familiarity with the various rebates and incentives each utility company offers. No matter where your building is we will maximize the incentives available to you to offset the cost of the job, greatly reducing your out-of pocket expense. 


Most importantly, our team delivers energy savings that doesn’t end up costing you in time, stress and poor planning. A lot of thought and field experience goes into properly proposing replacement measures in a building, and we take pride in the neat, quality work that we do.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation when you're ready to light brilliantly

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